53 districts in 49 municipalities selected for post-election audit

Yesterday with assistance from Coalition volunteers, Secretary of the State, Denise Merrill conducted the random selection of districts for the post-election audit. They are listed in this official press release.

Particularly striking is the rapid consolidation and dramatic drop in the number of polling places over time:

523 Aug 2012 Primary
598 Apr 2012 Presidential Primary
726 Nov 2011 Municipal Election

This is not necessarily a negative trend, in many of our towns where people drive everywhere. Not such a good idea and actually is not part of the trend in our larger cities. What is behind this is saving money, less work recruiting pollworkers, less locations to manage, and less work setting setting up of equipment, while fueled this year by Federal and state redistricting requiring redrawing voting districts anyway. Also after five years of optical scanners, it is obvious that single scanners can handle the volume of all but less than a handful of very large polling places.

The local audit counting period will extend until Sept 17th, 2012


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