A Positive Note: There is much we can do to improve elections

Looking over our recent posts, they are focused on warnings about risky ideas proposed in the Connecticut Legislature and risks to our elections nationwide from cyber attack and actual absentee ballot fraud, often from insiders. We want to remind readers of the many positive improvements that can be made in elections in Connecticut and nationwide.

As the General Assembly was heading for the season of considering bills by the Senate and House we made our recommendations on a raft of election bills, several of which we recommend be passed:

Committee Approves 39 Bills In Last Meeting

Bills Approved Earlier by the GAE Committe

Then responding to President Obama’s suggestion that “we can fix that” we suggested several suggestions for national voting integrity, Connecticut voting integrity, and for improving elections beyond integrity:

Basic and Bold Steps To Improve Connecticut Elections

Basic and Bold Steps To Improve U.S. Elections

Bold Steps Beyond Integrity To Improve U.S. Elections

With other advocates, we helped create and signed on to two letters to the President taking him up on his challenge.

Mr. President: Improve voting, shorten lines with optical scanning. Avoid the risks of Internet Voting

We recognize that things move slowly in Washington and in Connecticut. But they move, not always in the best direction. So we will be back encouraging the General Assembly in the direction of positive reform next year. And in the meantime watching and reporting on election integrity here in Connecticut.



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