Amid positive systems news, SOTS recognizes online registration issues

As we mentioned earlier in the week, Connecticut State systems are an embarrassment and our Online Voter Registration system was down Saturday morning.  Apparently it has been down more than that. Yesterday the Secretary of the State took note in a press release <read>

It has come to the agency’s attention that there were intermittent slowdowns and disruptions to the online voter registration system. It is now back up and running and we encourage people to use the system. We are working with our IT specialists to identify the issue. At this point, there is no evidence that any agency is to blame. We are working with our vendor to ensure that any problems that arise are addressed immediately. Thousands of people continue to use the system successfully.
Perhaps it took a while to notice the problems amid the interviews touting its success <e.g.>


And touting the success of the new election night reporting system, which has yet to be used in a real election.  The real test will come in November <e.g.>


We strongly support an online reporting system.  The SOTS Office failed a couple of times when they did not listen to legitimate concerns of registrars of voters across the state.  We are hoping this one works well or that they continue until they listen and fix any problems.


Meanwhile another Justice Department investigation.  This one regarding compliance with the Motor Voter Law <read>

The section of the law the Justice Department is accusing Connecticut of violating is related to motor vehicle registration.

“Our investigation indicates widespread noncompliance with Section 5 in Connecticut,” Vanita Gupta, principal deputy assistant attorney general

Update 4/21/2016*********************************************

The Hour has more details <read>


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