An hour with the Secretary of the State

Susan Bysiewicz live blogged tonight on MyLeftNutmeg. MLMBlog

I asked two questions and got two answers, both of which were disappointing in different ways.

But 1st let me say that I endevored to ask reasonable questions and make reasonable comments. There were two bloggers there that asked very confrontational, long, and sometimes insulting questions. I note that one of them registered only on July 24th, and has not blogged until today, with the name LiveFreeOrDie, I suspect someone from out of state. I note that the other, obviously from CT registered on April 17th, but has not commented until today.

Although the Secretary was to take questions on four subjects, the vast majority were on voting machines.


– She started with a long entry, probably prepared ahead. The news for voting integrity was that she referenced the anticipated Brennan Report, to which she provided a link. (It is 40 pages plus another 50 in appendixes). I attempted scanning it quickly it appears to be more of a survey confirming many other reports without taking many strong stands. Yet, it will take a real read to really see what it has to offer. Report.

– I asked if she was happy with the confidence levels of 2-4% of detecting fraud in municipal and state legislateive races. She said “NO”. But, in reality it is clear she confused the 10% random district audit level with the resulting confidence level. So, not surprisingly, we learned that she, like many seems to have a weak grasp of statistics, at least in a fast blogging session. Unfortunately, the one hour blog session is not an environment suitable to educating on such subjects. I am sure most people can understand enough if we could actually sit down with their full attention for a few minutes.

– I asked that if when SB1311 mentioned primaries, elections, and races, if it included referendums and questions in audits?. I was disappointed to have my suspicions confirmed that they will not be audited. And pleased that she expressed the possibility of working on that in the future.

I would hope that she and other officials are not detered from similar sessions.


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