Audit Random Drawing for the September Municipal Primary

Today, three advocates joined the Secretary of the State and her staff in selecting districts for the post-election audit of the September Municipal Primary.

From left to right:  Secretary Bysiewicz reads a selected district, Jack Wentland from CTVotersCount draws a district, while yours truly spins, and Kim Fabrizio from the League of Women Voters prepares to draw. (Thanks to Av Harris, Press Secretary,  for snapping the picture with my camera)

There were 157 districts in the primary, so we drew 10% (16 districts) from the 139 that did not have a recanvass after the primary.

Prior to the press conference we checked the printed business card slips of paper against the list of districts.  There were two extras and two missing and one printed on both sides with valid districts.  We used the two extras and one of my business cards to make a full and correct set.

Next, 10 municipalities will count the 16 districts, as we understand between the close of business on Sept 29th through Oct 7th.  Here is the original press release with the towns and districts selected.  We understand it is being updated and corrected to reflect the actual audit period:  <read>

Here are the selected districts with the four alternates in the lower left column.


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