Book Review: Reporter: A Memoir by Seymour Hersch

I could write my own book review of Seymour Hersh’s memoir Reporter: A Memoir  but Jon Schwarz has done a much better job at the Intercept that I every could Seymour Hersh’s New Memoir Is a Fascinating, Flabbergasting Masterpiece <read>.  After reading that I immediately bought the book. Schwarz covers several of Hersh’s revelations. The book is full of revelations about political actors, inside jobs, and Hersh himself. Here is are two paragraphs that accurately summarize what awaits readers:

If you think it’s unfair to Hersh to reveal all his secrets in a review, don’t worry — this is not even 1/100 of what his book contains…

“Reporter” provides detailed explications of how Hersh has used these lessons [about investigated journalism], making it one of the most compelling and significant books ever written about American journalism. Almost every page will tell you something you’ve never heard before about life on earth. Sometimes it’s Hersh elaborating on what he’s already published; sometimes it’s new stories he felt he couldn’t write about when he first learned of them; and sometimes it’s the world’s most intriguing, peculiar gossip.

I was especially fascinated by Hersh’s discussions of what is required of and investigative journalist, his candor, his constant battles/debates with editors about what to publish, and how much he chose not to publish. Although I am not a reporter, let alone an investigative reporter, I take some solace in the incidents and issues with election integrity that for one reason or another I do not pursue or cover in

Speaking of elections. There is an excellent interview with Sy Hersh just released as an Intercepted podcast: Intercepted Live From Brooklyn With Sy Hersh, Mariame Kaba, Lee Gelernt, and Narcy <listen>

Starting at about 10min in to the interview, Sy provides his take on the evidence that Russians accessed the DNC emails in the run-up to the Nov 2016 election – He says that there is yet no evidence available implicating Russians.


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