Brad Blog Interviews Professor Steve Freeman

It is funny to hear myself speak like radical on this issue. I’ve spent my life starting businesses and teaching in such radical institutions as Harvard Business School system and Wharton. Running businesses, starting businesses and teaching business school students. But when you are talking about privatizing elections you are really giving up the security we have that elections are unfettered and free.

Steve Freeman has written the definitive book analysing the difference between exit polls and the election results in: “Was The 2004 Presidential Election Stolen?: Exit Polls, Election Fraud, and the Official Count”. If you believe the discrepancy has been explained away, then I recommend you read his book which refutes every explanation except that the exit polls were correct and the published results were wrong.

In the interview he covers that 6 of 7 U.S. Elections where exit polls and official results do not match involved a Republican named George Bush. The 7th was Bob Dole vs. Pat Buchanan.

At first I thought I must not understand this. It can’t be this easy to corrupt. It is worse than you could possibly imagine…it is almost undebatable…[our elections are] manifestly vulnerable to an outside hacker let alone an insider.

Listen to the whole interview <here>.


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