Candidate pledges to “ensure open, fair and secure elections.”

Denise Merrill released a letter on the occasion of the anniversary of the 19th amendment. We are pleased to note the strong statement included in support of election integrity. We trust that all candidates for Secretary of the State are in favor of election integrity, but note that it is regularly overlooked or underemphasized in campaign talks, web sites, and mailers. <the full statement>

The Office of Secretary of the State is charged with safeguarding everyone’s right to vote and I will do everything in my power to ensure open, fair and secure elections. Everyone’s vote must count.  Voting should be easy and I will work hard to explore ways to increase registration and voter turnout.

But more importantly, I believe we need to inspire people to vote. These are difficult times and people are worried about the economy.  We need to give people a reason to vote and get involved


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