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4th of July Suggestion

This weekend is a great time to [re-]read the Declaration of Independence.
The Declaration of Independence asserts our rights to determine and change our form of government – without voting integrity we lose that most fundamental of rights.

Editor’s Note: 2010 Secretary of the State Election

We intend to provide comprehensive coverage of the 2010 Connecticut Secretary of the State race, highlighting news reports, interviews and issues, yet sticking primarily to comments on relevant to election management and election integrity.

Our bias when it comes to choosing a Secretary of the State, is that election responsibilities are the cart, the horse, and most of the content of the office where a Secretary can make differences, both positive or negative.

Answer Quick: What Do Premier/Diebold and Wal-Mart Have In Common?

Hint: It is not low prices for computer memory cards.

Editor’s Note

CTVotersCount.org concentrates on issues related to computerized voting and issues related to the voters’ intent being realized. There are many other issues related to voting such as voter fraud, voter suppression, voter registration, campaign finance, candidate qualification etc. for which we have not taken positions. However, occasionally we present news items associated with those issues.

Editor’s Note

We want you to visit CTVotersCount frequently to keep up-to-date with important developments in Connecticut and beyond. Unlike a newspaper we do not have to produce something every day. However, going several days without a post we start to get restless. Our answer is to provide Frequently Asked Questions and Ironies. These are intended to […]

Editor’s Note

One of CTVotersCount.org’s goals is to bring National articles and information of interest to the attention of Connecticut Voters. We review various sources to highlight news and issues that are of value and timely or timeless. At various times we can learn from or suffer from what happens in other states.