Electronic Vulnerability

The Outsourced State

Last week we covered a significant report by VotersUnite.org, Vendors are Undermining the Structure of U.S. Elections. The report describes the multiple ways that states have become dependent on vendors for elections, how Federal laws and actions have placed election officials in an impossible bind, how arrogant vendors take advantage of the situation, that elections […]

via Outsourcing: Democracy is Lost

A report this week from VotersUnite.org describes the devastating damage caused by outsourcing our elections and giving over complete control to vendors: Vendors are Undermining the Structure of U.S. Elections A VotersUnite report on the current situation and how to reclaim elecitons — in 2008 and beyond The report comes with an Executive Summary A […]

In Memoriam: Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones

She was the leader in moving that the 2004 vote be examined by congress. Here she is in “Help America Vote…On Paper” (about 4min 40sec in and 8min20 sec) <video> This whole video is also a good 18 minute primer on electronic voting issues: The risks of electronic voting, the perils of outsourcing, the advantages […]

Times: Blames the Messinger

We have been complementary of late of the New York Times Editorials that have gotten it right: Nailed Problems With Federal Bill, Three Lessons Learned, and Strongly Favoring Post-Election Audits. However a story on Saturday gets it wrong and blames the Election Assistance Commission for being slow in approving voting machines – but the problem […]

EVEREST Reports Devistating

Earlier I had promised more on the USENIX/ACCURATE Conference in San Jose. In addition to the panels, the presentations on the Ohio EVEREST studies provided information that we have not covered here at CTVotersCount.org. Released in mid December, following the California Top-To-Bottom review the Ohio reports have gotten less attention by many, including me. Two […]

New York – Test/Think Before You Buy

New York has an extensive testing and review program to test voting machines before they purchase them. Of course that means, given the information we have from various reports in California, Ohio, and Connecticut, its quite predictable that none will pass reasonable tests and review <read> New York State’s new voting systems are failing certification […]

EVT ’08 Electronic Voting Technology Workshop

Last week I attended EVT ’08, 2008 USENIX/ACCURATE Electronic Voting Technology Workship, in San Jose. <program and papers> It was pleasing to see a UConn paper on memory card testing accepted and presented. Their work has been previously covered here. Over the next few days I will cover a couple of the other papers presented. […]

Times: Feinstein Bill is Bad – First, do no harm!

Update: Senator Feinstein replies to The Times with letter to the editor – that is, with excuses to counter the substance of objections to the bill <read> Another right on editorial from the New York Times, A Bad Electronic Voting Bill <read> Some have faith in the “‘hearings” held last week, that were packed with […]

Lou Dobbs Gets It – Deseret News Does Not

We don’t always agree with Lou Dobbs, but he has nailed it on electronic voting and the Feinstein/Bennett bill. Amazingly the Senator goes against her state and also claims she really cannot do anything but this “compromise” bill. She could do nothing, it would be much much better than this bill. Video: <watch> Meanwhile in […]

The Times, they are a Learning

A new editorial on the New York Times lays out the case for election integrity and credibility in: A Tale of Three (Electronic Voting) Elections <read> Electronic voting has made great strides in reliability, but it has a long way to go. When reformers push for greater safeguards, they often argue that future elections could […]