Chickens come home to roost for Stratford Registrar

Last year there were hearings on a close election debacle in Stratford. It looked from the hearings that the registrars and moderator messed up and tried to look good before the General Assembly.  In the end the General Assembly deadlocked and apparently there were no consequences for the Registrars. (See Deadlocked Committee on Contested Elections passes ball to whole House) The House never considered or acted on the deadlocked Committee’s recommendations.

Yet now we learn that the Democratic Town Committee did not endorse the incumbent registrar. (See: CTPost Article which did not mention this past history):

The Demoratic (sic) Town Committee snubbed the party’s incumbent registrar of voters during an endorsement meeting Wednesday, lining up a possible primary in the race.

Three-time incumbent Rick Marcone, himself a former chair of the Democratic Town Committee, was not even nominated during Wednesday’s meeting…

Marcone said Thursday he was gathering signatures for a primary which would coincide with the presidential primary scheduled for Aug. 11.

Marcone said he wasn’t surprised by Wednesday’s vote.

“I had somebody lined up to endorse me but then they backed out,” he said. “I saw the writing on the wall.”

“I’m going to be moving forward with primary petitions and we’ll see what happens from there,” Marcone said.

The loser of a primary for the race could also petition for a spot on the ballot in November. The town charter says that the two top vote-getters from different parties are elected as registrars.


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