Connecticut: Land of Steady [and Slow] Habits

Update 10/16/2013: Inconsistent Justice.  Now a State Representative is accused in case dismissed against Ann Coulter: CTNewsJunkie:  Elections Enforcement Hands Evidence Over To Criminal Prosecutors In Ayala Investigation  <read>

An SEEC investigation revealed evidence that Ayala “falsely registered to vote at the address in Bridgeport in July 2009 and remained registered at this address until January 2013.”

There is evidence she used the address to vote in nine primaries and elections, according to Attorney Kevin Ahern of the SEEC who investigated the matter. There also is evidence she ran for elected office twice using the address and applied for funds from the Citizens’ Election Program using the false address, he wrote in a statement.

Rep. Ayala’s mother Santa Ayala is the Democratic Registrar of Voters in Bridgeport and “may have conspired with Representative Ayala to commit fraud,” Ahern wrote in his statement to the commission.

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Connecticut takes criticism from Brad Friedman for the slow and unpredictable speed of election enforcement.  As those of us who have submitted complaints know, they can take a long time to be completed.  But as Brad points out, some are resolved much quicker than others <read>

It’s been nearly five months since the official complaint about Ann Coulter’s alleged voter fraud in 2002 and 2004 was filed in Connecticut, yet state election officials continue to refuse comment on the status of the case beyond acknowledging that it’s “still pending,” as recently confirmed by The BRAD BLOG.

Several charges of absentee voter fraud were alleged in the complaint against Coulter in Connecticut, where evidence shows she cast absentee ballots illegally while living in her then permanent New York City residence…

“The delay in this case is inexplicable given they need to prove two things: where she registered to vote/voted and where she lived when she registered to vote/voted,” the complainant in the case, Daniel Borchers, a Christian conservative who has long opposed Coulter’s behavior…

But sometimes things are resolved quickly:

In a case which almost identically mirrors the allegations against Coulter, New York resident Daniel Jarvis Brown, who had been registered to vote at his parents’ home in CT, voted in the November 2008 election illegally by absentee ballot. Coulter also used her parents home address, claiming it as her own, when she is alleged to have voted while a permanent resident of NYC in 2002 and 2004…

But the timing of Brown’s violation and subsequent settlement of the case is notable as well. While Brown’s violation [PDF] occurred in November of last year, he signed his agreement with the State Elections Enforcement Commission less than three months later, on February 23, 2009, and the Commission formally adopted the agreement on March 5th, just four months after the original violation.

In another more recent case [PDF], a CT voter was alleged to have voted improperly during a referendum in the Town of New Hartford on February 12, 2009. After an investigation by the Commission finding no impropriety, the complaint was officially adopted as “dismissed” on May 27th, less than two months after the election.

Connecticut has several nicknames in addition to  “The Land Of Steady Habits”, including “The Provisions State”,  the “Nutmeg State”, and perhaps most pleasing, “The Constitution State”.

Update: 10/6/2010 – some progress via BradBlog: Ann Coulter to Face Vote on Voter Fraud Charges in CT by State Elections Enforcement Commission <read>

Will Ann Coulter finally be held accountable for having committed voter fraud? We may find out on October 14th when the matter will come up at a public hearing by Connecticut’s State Elections Commission after an extraordinarily long two-year delay since the complaints about her allegedly illegal absentee votes in 2002 and 2004 were filed.

Update: Brad Friedman discusses Ann Coulter’s case <about 9 min in 1st hour>

Update: 10/14/2010 Charges Dismissed <read>


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