Court Allows UConn/Dr. Shvartsman Test Of Nassau County, NY Voting Machines

Over the objections of the NY Board of Elections, The Supreme Court of the State of New York Nassau County, ordered the testing of voting machines by the University of Connecticut and Dr. Alex Shvartsman.

Courthouse News Service <read>

A state Supreme Court judge ordered that the New York Board of Elections submit the electronic voting machines it approved for the September primaries to a testing facility in Connecticut. Nassau County and its Republican and Democratic Elections Commissioners claimed that the machine at issue, the ES&S DS-200, malfunctioned in Florida during the 2008 presidential elections.

The Court Order <read>

The petitioners seek to be able to continue using lever as opposed to electronic voting machines.  The petitioners challenge the New Yourk Elections and Modernization Act, the legality of the manner in which the New York State Board of Elections(“NYSBOE”) has implemented it…

The petitioners seek an odder expressly authorizing their experts to conduct testing…at their Connecticut facility.

The petitioners claim that the new machines proposed by the state are “gravely flawed and subject to technical malfunction and deliberate distortion and manipulation”

See the end of page 2 and the beginning of page 3 of the court order for the details on the UConn testing order.

Dr. Shvartsman’s testimony <read>

Opinion: Dr. Shvartsman has done excellent work in testing voting machines for the State of Connecticut, Nassau County has made a good choice of testing facilities.  We agree that all computer systems are vulnerable, however, so are lever machines. We like voter created paper ballots with public counting by optical scanner, followed by strong independent audits — it is about the only reasonable, safe voting system available, with our without the Help America Vote Act (HAVA).


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