CT Secretary calls for 10 days of early voting starting in 2023

https://portal.ct.gov/SOTS/Press-Releases/2023-Press-Releases/Secretary-Thomas-Presents-Legislature-with-Recommendations-for-Early-Voting-Program From no ePollbooks currently approved and no early voting in place, this will be a tall order for the two elected registrars in each of our 169 towns. Likely tripling the number of pollworker days in most towns, requiring lots of recruiting and training and loads of novice pollworkers. This will also put a lot of work on the Secretary’s small staff to develop procedures, provide training, and approve all sorts of plans in a short time.


Meanwhile in addition to likely approving new ePollbooks, the State has also recently acquired a new CVRs to be implemented. And presumably changes to our current Election Night Reporting system or replacing it with a new one in the new CVRS.

Also, quite a challenge for the Legislature to draft, finalize, and pass such a bill by March 31.

If this plan is approved, I can’t imagine anything but chaos.


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