CT: Unfortunately, we were correct.

Last week, we said: “There are likely many other differences that have not been discovered.”

Unfortunately, we were correct.  We checked our own town of Glastonbury web’s reported results against the Secretary of the State’s results:

Totals for ROV in Glastonbury, on Glastonbury site:  9,018   8,501 <read>
Totals for ROV in Glastonbury, on SOTS site:           9,001   8,491 <read>

Checking with Zelda Lessne, Registrar of Voters-D, this is the difference between the originally reported results and those one the web listed as amended on November 17th.

Once again, this may not matter in the result in this eleciton, but it seems there are many errors out there that could change future results.  Its good that towns recheck their work after a good night’s sleep, but those results also should be reflected in the State’s posted results.


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