CT: Voter Reg System Said To Be Working Well

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Karen Lyons has not been the biggest booster of Connecticut’s new centralized voter system, a database accessible to registrars statewide to help them prevent voter fraud.

Lyons, Norwalk’s Republican registrar of voters, and her Democratic counterpart defied a requirement a few years ago to participate in the system, saying it was unreliable.

But the kinks have been worked out, Lyons said.

“They’re smokin’ now,” she said.

It’s the kind of response Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, a Democrat, wants to hear.

Bysiewicz’s office and the state Information Technology Department have been working for the past few months to upgrade the system.

“We installed new routers in every town hall in the state so we would make communication faster,” Bysiewicz said. “And we expanded the capacity of the system to handle many registrars and their assistants using the system at the same time.”

Participation was mandated by the federal Help America Vote Act in response to irregularities in the 2000 presidential election.


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