CTNewsJunkie: Will Lawmakers Fix Campaign Finance Next Week?

Story by Christine Stuart: <read>.  Officials discuss fixing campaign finance reform law, or not.

The state official — Elections Enforcement Executive Director Jeffrey Garfield — called Friday for fast action.

“The legislature needs to act immediately; either by amending the reversion clause as we proposed in the budget implementation bill, or by calling an immediate special session to consider a permanent fix to the campaign finance reform legislation,” Garfield said.

But Sen. Gayle Slossberg, D-Milford, said she doesn’t see any changes being made next week when the legislature returns to finish the budget implementation bill.

“It’s a major program,” Slossberg said. “It needs to be done slowly and methodically with public debate.”

Slossberg said the reversion clause that will take the fundraising system back to the way it was before 2005 isn’t even triggered until April and only if there’s still a lawsuit pending.

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