CTVotersCount – Brief Hiatus

I will be taking a brief hiatus from posting at CTVotersCount.  We will be very busy counting some ballots in Bridgeport, see the CTPost article: City agrees to unseal ballots for recount by Post, citizen groups <read>

BRIDGEPORT — City officials have agreed to unseal ballots cast in the governor’s race and make them available for a recount beginning Monday by the Connecticut Post and three nonpartisan citizen groups…

A recount “will answer the questions that a lot of people are asking,” said Luther Weeks, executive director of CTVotersCount.org and the CT Citizen Election Audit Coalition. “It will resolve those questions.”

Representatives from Hearst Connecticut Media, which owns the Connecticut Post, Weeks and Cheryl Dunson from the League of Women Voters of Connecticut will meet with city officials Tuesday to work out the logistics of the ballot recount.


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