CTVotersCount is Two Years Old

BirthdaycakeThursday marks the 2nd anniversary of CTVotesCount.  We had been planning the organization and the blog for a couple of months – we launched after a the end of a summer vacation.  We wondered if there would be any news during August?.  We reported on some recent reports from VerifiedVoting and UConn .  Coincidentally, it the Top To Bottom  Review commissioned by the Secretary of the State of California was just coming out.

Our goals for the blog remain:

  • To be a source of Connecticut election integrity news and views
  • To be a source of national election integrity news and views relevant to Connecticut
  • To be a repository of that election integrity news, reports, and links for reference
  • To be relevant, accurate, and interesting.

As we start our 3rd year, our commitment continues:

CTVotersCount.org is dedicated to fairness and confidence in democracy, that election results must accurately reflect the intentions of the voters.

We want every citizen’s vote counted!
To be counted accurately!
And to be counted only once!


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