Denise Merrill formally enters SOTS race

CT NewsJunkie has the story: Merrill: ‘Moving on and Moving Up’ <read>

“It’s time for me to move on and move up,” Merrill said Monday at the Mansfield Community Center.

She said people have asked her why she wants to be Secretary of the State when she already holds the second most powerful position in the House of Representatives.

“I have always been passionate about civic engagement,” Merrill said. “There is no more important role that any public official can play than to actively engage the next generation of citizens.”…

If elected Secretary of the State Merrill said civic engagement will be a fundamental part of her role as the state‘s chief elections official.

“With more and more money pouring into politics as it will this year with the recent Supreme Court case it will be increasingly important to protect our electoral process from the potential influence of that money,” Merrill said.

Here is her website we note that the News section as of now has not been updated with items after December 19th and apparently it has no information announcing or covering today’s event.

Update: From the Courant:

Legislature’s Denise Merrill Enters Race For Secretary Of The State <read>

Merrill has promoted efforts to increase the efficiency of state government and said that, if elected, she would use the office of secretary of the state to continue those efforts. Among other things, Merrill said she would redesign the state’s registration to enable businesses of all sizes to submit required forms and applications online.

“I would do a lot more with online registration for just about everything,” she said. “We are way behind other states in that area.”

We agree that the Secretary of the State’s web site could be improved dramatically.  We aren’t familiar with the business registration process, but we certainly have a long way to go in improving election information.  On the election side we would start with having accurate, downloadable, and detailed district by district election results.  Connecticut did not come out well on the Pew study last year where we came in 48th.


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