Do Connecticut’s Tamper-“Evident” Seals Protect Our Ballots?

Experts and amateurs have long claimed that so called, tamper-evident seals are easy to defeat.
See Security Theater: Scary! Expert Outlines Physical Security Limitations.

Matt Bernhard has provided a video showing one easy method of compromising the seals commonly in use in Connecticut. Those that seal perhaps 90% of our ballots and optical scanners:

As Matt says there is a small possibility someone could detect the resealing. I doubt it would happen and if it did it would be doubted. There are no seal protocols in Connecticut.

There is more explanation in a similar video Matt did earlier with a bit different seal:

Don’t worry the bad guys, expert and amateur, have other ways as well. We are not helping them. We are informing those that feel our ballots are secure.

PS: Most voted ballots in Connecticut are sealed in bags or plastic boxes and stored where they can be accessed by multiple single individuals for hours, undetected.


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