September Primary Post-Election Audit Drawing

Yesterday, Secretary of the State, Denise Merrill, conducted a random drawing of 15 districts for post-election audit of the September 2015 primary. There were 143 districts in the primary, yielding 15 as 10%. Several of the districts were exempt from selection (but not from determining the 10%) based on close vote recanvasses.

Here is the press release

To all media:

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill today randomly chose 15 voting precincts from the September 16, 2015 primary to have their machine totals audited. There were also five alternate precincts chosen in case the chosen precincts cannot be audited for any reason. State law mandates that 10% of all voting precincts have their machine totals audited following any election or primary. There were a total of 143 voting precincts where primaries were held on Wednesday September 16, 2015.

The following voting precincts were chosen for a post primary election audit (in alphabetical order):

Municipality Polling Precinct
Bethel Stony Hill Fire House 2
Durham Korn School 2
East Windsor Town Hall
Ellington Ellington High School
Middletown Middletown High School District 6
Middletown Snow School Gym District 8
Naugatuck Cross Street School
New Britain Stanley Holmes School District 11
New Haven Bella Vista 11-01
New Haven Clarence Rogers School Ward 30-1
Portland Portland Senior Center
Stamford Salvation Army District 2
West Haven Ann V. Molloy School Voting District 7
West Haven John Prete Senior Housing Voting District 5
West Haven Surfside Senior Housing Voting District 2

Alternate Polling Precincts Chosen (in the order chosen):

Municipality Polling Precinct
Bethel Frank A. Berry School 3
Naugatuck Old Terrace
Hartford Liberty Christian Center Voting District 1
New Britain Chamberlain School District 9
New Haven Atwater Senior Center Ward 14

Av Harris
Director of Communications
Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill
(860) 509-6255 ofc
(860) 463-5939 cell


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