Dummies’ Guide to Rigging a Colorado Election

Thanks to Marilyn Marks we have this guide: Steal This Election!–Dummies’ Guide to Rigging a Colorado Election <read>

This guide is for novices to Colorado politics and elections. Colorado has recently gained a reputation as a lawless Wild West state where candidates and parties can rig an election with impunity. Given that most officials appear to have little interest in election reform, it’s only fair to level the playing field for all the would-be players.

Connecticut election administration has also been called the Wild West.

Not everything that Marilyn recommends would work quite the same or as well in Connecticut. For now, we do not have unlimited absentee voting or automatic mail-in voting. However, that might change in the future. Yet we have little reason to take comfort. We do little checking of absentee ballot signatures. We also have a history of fraud by absentee ballot. Similar to many other states, many Connecticut voters would never question the integrity of even one of our registrars (especially those in our own town), and for the most part those registrars share absolute trust in each of their staff members and poll workers. Unfortunately, this is one of the 15 attributes of “Security Theater” from security expert Roger Johnston: “Strong emotion, over confidence, arrogance, ego, and/or pride related to security”.

A strategy for Connecticut insider election thieves would be to rig memory cards and then  provide incomplete post-election audit reports, or to claim that any discrepancy in such reports between machine and hand counts is human error.


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