Electronic Voting Debate Continues – Defying Science and History

Several articles continue the debate on electronic voting. On one side we have Science and the history of electronic voting problems, Internet voting failures, and the risk of computers and the internet. On the other side those that apparently know little of Science who maintain faith that Scientists can solve any problem the uninformed choose.

From the Wall Street Journal: Decade-Old E-Voting ‘Wars’ Continue into Presidential Election <read>

From the Maryland Reporter:  Election voting on the Internet ‘inevitable,’ experts say <read>
We note no computer scientists in the list of ‘experts’. The closest we find are perhaps political “scientists”.

Computer Scientists say safe Internet voting is impossible, unless unanticipated theoretical discoveries are made.

The World is not round*, leeches are not medically useful, electronic only voting and Internet voting cannot be made safe for the foreseeable future.

<Past Internet Voting Coverage>

* Trick answer. It is much closer to round than flat.


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