FAQ: Actions You Can Take To Insure Your Vote Is Counted

  1. 3 Min – Sign-Up for the CTVotersCount.org Newsletter and Action Alert
    We promise not to inundate you. <sign-up>
  2. 30 Min Contact Your State Legislators Now
    Tell them you are concerned with the integrity of the voting process in Connecticut and want legislation in 2009 for an independent audit board, sufficient, effective post-election audits, 100% pre-testing of memory cards in Connecticut, and hand-to-eye manual recounts. <find your legislator>
  3. 30 Min – Contact Your State and Federal Legislators When Action is Pending
    Our newsletter will tell you when significant legislation is pending in Hartford or Washington that needs your legislators’ support or opposition.
  4. 1 Day – Become A Post-Election Audit Observer
    The Connecticut Citizen Election Audit Coalition recruits, organizes, and trains citizens to observe the post-election audits.  Without your observations and our report, nobody would if they can have confidence in our elections and in our democracy. See <CTElectionAudit.org>

  5. 10 Min/week – Keep Informed
    Visit CTVotersCount.org weekly and keep up to date with voting integrity news in Connecticut and across the nation.
  6. 10 Hours – Create a Discussion, Forum, or Movie Showing for your town or group
    Schedule an event for your town or group – CTVotersCount.org has four DVD’s available and can lead a discussion – individuals and groups have sponsored discussions, forums, and DVD showings in homes and libraries.  Contact CTVotersCount.org for information and support.

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