FAQ: Why Would Anyone Steal A Referendum?

Connecticut’s post-election audit law exempts referendums and questions from audit. Often we hear that nobody would steal a referendum, that local control of elections in Connecticut would preclude that. We object:

Two motivations and opportunities:

The Town has the budget referendum turned down frequently at $20,000+ per referendum for a turnout of a small % of registered voters.

  • All the insiders of all parties are for it
  • Many town hall jobs are dependent on it
  • The insiders convince themselves that “if the right voters showed up then it would pass”
  • They think they are helping out the town out by passing the budget and saving multiple election costs
  • All look the other way

One insider is convinced the budget is too big.

  • Convinced that “If the people really knew then they would vote it down”
  • When nobody is looking, the insider takes advantage of sole access to voting machines and ballots, to hack the machine with the Hursti Hack before the election.

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