Federal Election Assistance Commission Rigged Election Report – Sen Dodd, Please Investigate

A Washington Post articles describes a report watered down by the Election Assistance Commission.  You will need a free password and Id to view the article.

Because my approach to election issues tends to be more closely aligned with Democrats, I was paired with a Republican co-author. To further remove any taint of partisanship, my co-author and I convened a bipartisan working group to help us. We spent a year doing research and consulting with leaders in the field to produce a draft report. What happened next seems inexplicable. After submitting the draft in July 2006, we were barred by the commission’s staff from having anything more to do with it…

Yet, after sitting on the draft for six months, the EAC publicly released a report — citing it as based on work by me and my co-author — that completely stood our own work on its head. (emboldening added)

As you may or may not know, Senator Dodd sits as Ranking Member on the Committee that created the Help America Vote Act and the Election Assistance Commission. Perhaps it would be a good time to drop Senator Dodd a note and ask for oversight and an investigation.

Here is my e-mail to Senator Dodd:

I am requesting that you exercise oversight and initiate an investigation of the alleged report suppression and rewrite alleged in the Washington Post this morning.

I assume you will agree, as the Ranking Member, it is your responsibility and duty to get to the bottom of this and report the facts to the American people.

Here is a link to the article: link

I look forward to posting your response, unedited, at: http://www.CTVotersCount.org


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