Final Warning: Don’t say “Who could have imagined?”

Many of our friends are on the other side of this vote.  Some say the Legislature will hold hearings and do the right thing – even though they are upset at what the Legislature has done with election financing. I would support secure in-person early voting, but that is not on the ballot and unlikely to be the result of a “Yes” vote.  Here are my predictions:

  • The Constitutional Amendment will pass with a moderate margin 10%-20%
  • The Legislature will hold hearings, and no matter what the testimony, they will enact no-excuse early voting, Governor Malloy will sign it into law
  • To great fanfare it will begin in November 2015.
  • Although it will slightly decrease turn-out, statics will be presented to say it actually increased turnout, maybe not in 2015, but soon
  • Sometime down the road, there will additional cases of alleged and proven votING fraud via absentee voting
  • Some will attribute it to the new law, some of those will say “Who could have imagined?”
  • In any case, the claim that any voting reform proposed will increase turnout will prevail

Make your choice on Tuesday.


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