Help America Vote Act Fails Again

The GAO report to congressional requesters:  Voters With Disabilities – More Polling Places Had No Potential Impediments Than in 2000, but Challenges Remain <read>

The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) had two major goals: Improve the integrity of voting after the 2000 debacle; and help those with disabilities vote independently and privately.

CTVotersCount readers know that HAVA has failed miserably in improving integrity.  Its been a costly exercise that has improved voting integrity in some states and reduced it in others.

Now we can add another failure.  According to the GAO report, only 27% of polling places actually have no impediments to voting by the disabled.  Its worse than that.  In 2000 16% of polling places had no impediments, so at great cost and effort only 11% of polling places improved.


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