How Dumb Do They Think We Are?

Or are they dumber than we think?

No matter what you think about early voting, we find one argument by Senator Looney and Senator Flexer in a recent editorial completely irrelevant and misleading: Senate Republicans should have supported early voting <read>

Our Republican colleagues in the Connecticut Senate, as well as Republicans nationally, often cite potential fraud as a reason not to enact early voting. However, the facts around voter fraud are simply not on their side. In 2014,the Washington Post published a comprehensive study that found 31 credible instances of impersonation fraud from 2000 to 2014. Even an analysis conducted by the National Republican Lawyers Association —a national organization of Republican lawyers —found only 332 alleged cases of voter fraud nationwide from 1997 through 2011. This is out of hundreds of millions of ballots cast.

What they have said is true, there is little if any votER fraud. Yet that point is irrelevant to the issue.

The problem is that their is plenty of votING fraud especially by Absentee Ballot, and right here in Connecticut. The problem is not the voters it is campaign and official insiders putting their fingers on the scale, RIGHT HERE IN CONNECTICUT, regularly. <e.g. here>

We should expect more from the leader of the Senate and the Chair of the elections committee. They should know more, run their editorials past people that know more, and not try and pull the wool over our eyes. We should be able to rely on their words.


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