How Much Are Election Officials Paid In Norwalk?

Story in the Hour:   Part-time workers hired by registrar may get pay hike <read>

The argument for a raise seem to make sense:

“We also need to hire part-time staff for the period before the election. We are proposing a rate of $15 per hour for our deputy registers and experienced staff and a rate of $12 for any necessary new or less experienced staff,” wrote Republican Registrar Karen Doyle Lyons and Democratic Registrar Stuart W. Wells in an overview of the proposed pay scale. “This is a little more than we paid in the past but is in line with the pay rate for the temporary workers hired by the Parks Department for giving out beach stickers this summer. It seems to us that it would be discriminatory to have different rates of pay for equivalent office work at City Hall.”

Park workers presumably have a somewhat steadier, longer term job.

Here are the rates in Norwalk for election day officials:

The pay rates for election poll workers, meanwhile, would remain unchanged from 2008: Head moderator ($500); assistant moderator ($400); polling place moderator ($300); alternate moderator ($275); assistant registrar ($200); checker ($175); tabulator tender ($175); ballot clerk ($175); demonstrator ($175); interpreter (additional $75).

Presuming a ballot clerk works 16 hours @$175 that works out to just under $11 per hour, not including training time.  Yet, poll workers have an even less steady job with very very long hours.


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