Imagine A National Recount. What Could Possibly Be Worse?

As we have said before, we understand the appeal of the popular election of the President.  However, CTVotersCount is conditionally opposed to the popular election of the President, in any form, unless and until there are uniform election laws, enforceable, and enforced nationwide. <The Case Against>

Yesterday, the Secretary of the State of Minnesota, Mark Ritchie touched on the same subject in a speech to the National Association of Secretaries of the State (NASS) , winter conference, February 7, 2009 in Washington, D. C.:

“I’d love to discuss the Electoral College and the importance of that institution, when you imagine a national recount.”  -Mark Ritchie

What could possibly be worse?

A close Presidential election under a national popular vote, without a National recount.

SOS Ritchie reinforces our objection to a national popular vote without uniform laws.  Many states have a recount on close vote, but that is based on state totals not national totals.  Where it would be done well, it works under the electoral college to verify that the states votes for President are awarded based on the intentions of all the voters.  However, without other changes in the law a close national total does not imply a close vote in any states and would be unlikely to be close in any but a few states.  A close popular vote to be trusted would require a national recount with uniform standards – high standards such as those demonstrated in Minnesota.


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