Jerry Farrell signs “Commitment for Connecticut” program (Corrected)

Update/Correction: An earlier version of this post  read:  “According to Stamford Plus <read> and his personal Facebook page“. In an email, Farrell Campaign Manager, Gregg Hannan asked me to verify that it was in Jerry’s Facebook. I thought I saw it in his personal Facebook, however, I cannot find it – I must have been reading and blogging too fast.  I apologize.


According to Stamford Plus <read> Secretary of the State Candidate Jerry Farrell has signed the Commitment for Connecticut from Citizens for Change.  Checking both the Citizens for Change site and Farrell’s site, we have been unable to locate copies of the completed, signed commitment form.  Checking the web we find the blank commitments for various Connecticut offices, including the Secretary of the State:


Distribution to All Declared Candidates Only – Notice(s) Applies

1. I will not serve more than _________ terms.
2. I will oppose same day voter registration.
3. I will streamline the candidate filing process to facilitate participation and
install certification of eligibility validation for all electoral offices.
4. I will simplify the citizen signature process required of candidates to petition
on to any party primary ballot or general election ballot.
5. I will advocate for the repeal of the business entity tax.
6. I will support priority legislation that requires: transparency in all state and
local spending government[sic]; online posting of every state and local
expenditure; and independent external audits.
7. I will decrease the total annual budget for this agency from the current
aggregate actual expenditures to a level that is the lower of either an overall
reduction of _______ percent; or a total that is equal or lower than the last
full fiscal year’s total actual expenditures for this agency.
Signed by: Date:
Print Name: _______________________________________ CONNECTICUT

Yesterday, we emailed the Farrell Campaign to ask for the term limits he committed to in question #1 and the budget cut percent in question #7.  We also have asked for clarification of his ideas for streamlining the candidate filing process (#3) and simplifying the citizen signature petition requirements (#4).  We will provide an update once we have a response from the campaign.


#1: We must note the irony that while some are concerned with candidates pledging to maximum terms, the question minimum terms has been raised in both the Secretary of the State race and Attorney General race where several have been asked if they would commit to serve out their first term and longer, not running for higher office.

#2: We conditionally favor election day registration, however, only if it is done in ways that protect voting integrity and provide equivalent identification checks to those performed for current voter registration.

#3, #4: These seem a bit to vague to evaluate without more details.

#6: We note that #6 applies to both the state and municipalities. It may represent an extensive local mandate. We have observed several hearings over the last two years in the Connecticut Legislature where municipal clerks testified against the posting of minutes on web sites, based on the cost of such postings. We are generally in favor of open and transparent government along with effective audits. In the Secretary of the State’s Office, we would start with detailed posting of district by district election results, followed by audits that are independent of the Secretary of the State’s Office.

We are not familiar with Citizens for Change,  it seems to only have commitments for Connecticut candidates.  Their web identifies their founder, Richard Olivastro and says:

About Us

In the entire length of the human experience, America’s more than two century existence is but a short time. Yet, America’s birth stands as the singular moment of change in man’s relation to man and the primacy of self-government. If it is an aberration, we consider it the perfect aberration and therefore worth conserving, preserving, cultivating and promoting. If change is a constant, then responsible citizens need to engage in every public process to ensure change always moves towards greater individual freedom and away from statism, servitude, socialism, collectivism, fascism and communism.

Richard Olivastro

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