John Gideon Leaves It To Us

We get a healthy dose of news from John Gideon at and his Daily Voting News. Today he highlights the difference between a legislator and the Secretary of State in Colorado: <read>

The state Senate Majority Leader is quoted as saying this about the election integrity community, “I believe the group has gotten larger. It’s become more mainstream and people are paying more attention to them. They are an entity that’s at the table and has a voice that is listened to”. Meanwhile the Secretary of State told the newspaper, ““I think they have a fundamental belief that anything electronic, as it relates to voting, is evil and undermines our political system. They live in a world of conspiracy theories and are highly motivated. No matter what I do, so long as it leaves some form of electronic voting intact, it will be wrong by their standards”. I’ll leave it to the reader to make up their mind who is correct….

Answer below.

I believe the Senate Majority Leader is entirely correct.

The Secretary of the State is mostly incorrect, except that it is true that many of us are “highly motivated”.


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