Kentucky AG and Sarasota FL – Diebold AccuVote-OS in Jeopardy

“Any voting systems subject to manipulation and corruption should be reexamined and decertified,” [Kentucky Attorney General Greg] Stumbo said. “Faulty electronic voting systems jeopardize the public’s confidence in Kentucky’s elections.”Stumbo’s concerns are based on serious security flaws identified by experts in California, which led to emergency decertification of the voting machines by California.

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But the state has worries that hackers could breach the security of the optical scanners made by Texas-based Diebold Election Systems and used by 31 Florida counties.

If the Diebold machines are not certified Aug. 17, the only effect would be felt in Sarasota County

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Update: Florida says Diebold corrected problem in record time.

Update: The Florida report on the Diebold corrections Not exactly a ringing endorsement:

We conclude by re-stating that this report does not contistitue a comprehensive security analysis. We limited our investigation to four specific flaws. In spite of repairs made, signigicant security vulnerablity continues to exist in the code base.


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