Largest Democracy Risks It All On Electronic Voting

Party to boycott election based on reports of hacking of electronic voting machines. <read>

CHENNAI: AIADMK general secretary Jayalalithaa on Wednesday observed that her party’s boycott of the coming by-elections was“to ensure that democracy in its true sense is brought back to the State.”
In a statement, the former chief minister, reiterated that the electronic voting machines could be tampered with. “In a democracy, every voter should know whether the vote cast has gone to the candidate or party it was meant for. In the absence of such certainty, the entire democratic process would be rendered a mockery. It is to ensure that democracy in its true sense is brought back that AIADMK decided to boycott the by-polls.’’
She noted the media reports that on August 2, Hari Prasad, a software engineer from a Hyderabad firm demonstrated on behalf of the NGO, Jan Chaitanya Vedika,  that EVMs could be tampered with.

Without paper ballots, no voting system is safe from errors and tampering, especially insider attack.


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