My Nov 3 Voting Plan

There have been many articles with quotes from the Secretary of the State, municipal clerks, and registrars. Many Facebook posts with comments from voters, registrars and clerks. I have also read many articles about the changes in the Postal Service. From all that I have the following plan to assure my vote is counted in November You might consider it, if you vote in Connecticut:

  1. Wait for the prefilled application in the mail. It should arrive in late September. (If not received by Oct 1st, I will download an application from the SOTS Website AB Page.)
  2. Within 24 hours of receiving the AB application, I will carefully fill it out, following all directions.
  3. Also within 24 hours I will deposit it in the Ballot Box outside Town Hall in my town, nowhere else.
  4. Wait for the absentee ballot packet that should arrive sometime in October. (If not received by Oct 26th I will call my municipal clerk and arrange to get a replacement, in person.)
  5. Within 24 hours of receiving the AB ballot packet, I will carefully follow the directions, sealing the ballot in the inner envelope, signing the inner envelope, enclosing both in the outer envelope, and any other directions.
  6. Also within 24 hours of receiving the packet, I will deposit the resulting packet in the Ballot Box outside Town Hall in my town, nowhere else.

FAILING all that, I will vote in my polling place on November 3rd (I suggest avoiding 6:00am, as that is often the only time there is a significant line, in my experience).

If you are not sure that you are registered, then check here: <Voter Lookup Tool> (Do that by October 1st, better still do it Right Now!


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