National Popular Vote Risks – Think Before You Encourage Passage

We are getting the annual emails requesting that voters encourage the  Connecticut General Assembly to  join only eight other states and the District of Columbia that have signed on to the National Popular Vote Agreement/Compact since 2007. There are many reasons to the like the concept of one person one vote, however, there are strong reasons to require that the current system be corrected first, in order that we actually have a fair, credible, and accurate process. Without a trusted, equal, auditable, recountable uniform national election system for President, it is not worth the risks.  The devil is truly in the details.

We recommend reviewing our op-ed from earlier this year:  Voting Requires Vigilance. Popular Isn’t Always Prudent<read>

And William Cibes op-ed from last year The “National Popular Vote” Interstate Compact Is a Bad Idea <read>

Or Chris DeSanctis echoing Daniel Patrick Moynihan NO: Electoral College Votes Should Represent State Voters’ Choice <read>

For even more in depth discussion see our testimony, earlier this year <read>


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