Norwalk Town Clerk: Sixth Dem Running for Secretary of the State

The Hour: Garfunkel to run for Secretary of the State <read>

Democrat Andrew S. Garfunkel thinks 10 years as Norwalk’s town clerk make him the perfect candidate to replace Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz…

“Engaging our young voters and getting them to register and then vote on Election Day is important to me,” he said. “I will reach out to them where they are, on Facebook and those places.”

He said he wants to make the office more accessible with “alerts” and “reminders”.

“It is reaching out them on the electronic level,” he said. “Remind them how to vote and when to vote.”

Garfunkel often points to technological upgrades made in the Norwalk city clerk’s office since he was first elected in 2001. They include putting maps and other documents online and introducing payment by credit card. The changes have come as the office itself has seen staffing and other cuts.


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