President Appoints Cyber Czar

Several stories covering the President’s appointment of a Cyber Czar, officially a Cyber-Security Coordinator <read>

After months of delay, President Obama on Tuesday named a cyber-security coordinator to oversee the vast task of protecting the nation’s computer systems in the public and private sectors…

But the selection process ran into division and disarray that, critics said, affect the government’s cyber-security efforts. The administration has sparred with business interests over cyber-security policy and has grappled with bureaucratic infighting among the law enforcement and intelligence agencies involved…

In praising Tuesday’s appointment, the chairman of the Senate’s Homeland Security and Government Affairs committee called on the administration to move faster to safeguard cyber-networks nationwide. Experts have cited threats posed by international organized crime as well as hackers connected to the security forces and spy agencies of China and other nations. China denies it is trying to hack U.S. systems.

We have previously covered the President’s concernsOur concern is with the disconnect that has otherwise intelligent people concerned with cyber security based on strong evidence, coupled with the almost simultaneous support for voting by Internet, email, and fax.


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