Online Voter Registration: Vulnerable too!

Report from Florida station, WMFE:  Randolph Calls on DOJ Probe into Florida’s Voter Registration System <read>

An independent report by the state auditor general found Florida’s voter registration database flawed.

Susanna Randolph, one of the candidates running for Alan Grayson’s 9th district congressional seat, sent a letter today asking Attorney General Loretta Lynch to launch a Department of Justice probe into the state’s voter system. The request comes less than one month after an independent report by the state auditor general found flaws with the nine-year-old registration database.

The audit found the system at risk of a security breach, citing unauthorized access to voter data by Department of State employees. It also labeled the system overdue for upgrades and a disaster recovery plan evaluation.

Department of State officials said they have changed the system’s software and plan to train staff before voters prepare to cast their ballots in the 2016 elections.

This is one of several ways of hacking a voting system. Records could be altered, deleted, the system taken down, or simply fail. As we said, last month:

Just this week we understand that the Connecticut voter registration system was down for a day – a day when registrars were attempting to print party voter lists on the last legal day for party caucuses. This year the Legislature said that same system could be used for voters to register during Election Day Registration (EDR) – if we got used to relying on that system and it failed on its own or with a little help from hackers – in a large turnout election, it could result in long lines and turned away/turned off voters!



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