Podcast: Democratic candidates debate voting on WATR

We were about to write a post about how little voting and voting integrity discussion we have heard in the Secretary of the State campaigns so far. Yet. yesterday there was a joint appearance/debate between the Democratic Primary candidates Gerry Garcia and Denise Merrill which focused manly on voting issues, including voting integrity. <listen>

The candidates discuss early voting, the Citizen’s Election Program, increasing turnout, optical scanners, absentee vote fraud, popular election of the President, along with their qualifications/motivations, creating jobs, record keeping, business registration, and the state budget.

Opinion: We were pleasantly surprised to hear the focus on voting issues; to hear  in several cases that the candidates agree with CTVotersCount positions; support some of our recommendations; and are in sync with our reasoning. On the other hand we note that in many areas we differ with either one or both candidates. There are many issues where the devil is in the details, deserving much more in depth consideration than is possible for candidates, media, and the voters during a modern campaign.


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