Policital Scientist Describes Obstacles To The National Popular Vote

Mystic Times story on League of Women Voters forum <read>

Before scrapping a system that has been in place for more than 200 years, however, political scientist Dorothy B. James cautioned that the NPV has more than a few obstacles to overcome before becoming reality…

James also noted that the United States is a nation with an overabundance of lawyers who would dissect the wording of any NPV proposal and ultimately tie up the issue in litigation. She reminded her audience of a former president’s question on language that depended on the definition of what “is” is.

Also, she said, the NPV has no provision for recounts, which, given the current state of the contested Minnesota senate race, would seem necessary.

Even more problematic, she said, is that we have 51 different electoral systems across the nation and a general sloppiness in vote counts. Keeping track of voters is an issue.

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