Readers’ Digest: Quick Study: Voting Machines

I’m no fan of the Readers’ Digest*, but even they have finally recognized there is some concern about electronic voting: Quick Study: Voting Machines <read>

Some of the definitions and references seem to be a good start. One item that I would disagree with is:

Computer Scientists
From MIT to Caltech, computer science professors have lined up on both sides of the DRE debate. Stars include Avi Rubin of Johns Hopkins (anti-DRE) and Michael Shamos of Carnegie Mellon (favors e-voting but critical of DRE manufacturers).

This is like comparing a dusty teaspoon to the sand in the universe. The line of Computer Scientists behind Avi Rubin is almost infinite. The line behind Michael Shamos has perhaps two or three others. In fact, its not just a DRE debate.

* I gave up my subscription to Readers’ Digest several years ago. They keep sending it and I keep trashing it. Every year they ask me to renew and I refuse. I’d change my address to send the free subscription to another, but I just would not want to feel responsible if they actually read it.


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