Recount Does Not Match – Mystery? Discrepancy? Error?

Update: Middlefield, a sensible recount discrepancy report, a few votes off in the count, some sensible advice to count again, and a reasonable possible explanation <read>

Update, Colin McEnron interviews Rep Mike Lawlor <listen>

We learn that the counts of votes were higher in several districts, not just one. Lawlor likes a similar explination to that of Head Moderator Jaffe. Lawlor speculates that the checkers did not do their job and did not check off all voters. I am skeptical, election officials can make mistakes, but it just is hard to believe that multiple checkers in one town all made similar mistakes or that 130 voters made the same mistakes without being noticed.

I doubt either of these explanations. Just like the airlines and the aircraft manufacturers like to blame pilot error rather than the aircraft design or manufacture.

Blaming the Secretary of The State’s office is a bit of a smokescreen. Perhaps they should be available on Sunday, or maybe there should be no recounts on Sunday’s and holidays, but that takes attention away from the real issues here.

We don’t know what happened. It could be human error, but more likely one or a sequence of two or three errors rather than 130 errors by multiple people in multiple places.

Update, possibly the most rediculous attempt at an excuse ever <read>

[Head Moderator Lori] Jaffe told the New Haven Register that the new voting system may have confused some voters. “They might get a ballot, make a mistake on it, then go to the clerk and get a second one,” she said.

No – the ballot clerk is responsible to give one ballot to each voter. And to give another one the clerk must give one back and mark it spoiled and is responsible for it. (I don’t believe any Head Moderator would confuse that)

The East Haven recount shows more votes than on election day and more votes than voters checked off <read>

the recount has completed. Now they are trying to figure out why they have more votes for mayor in the recount than they had voters voting.
… the results of the recount will not be certified by the recount moderator, Lori Jaffe due to significant discrepencies(sic) noted in the previous update. There are 114 more votes cast than people that are thought to have voted. The moderator and the Registrar of Voters will contact the Secretary of State on Tuesday to get instructions.

We also have unconfirmed reports of discrepancies and procedural questions with the recount performed Friday in East Hampton — and that the recount will be redone today.


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