Registrar error. Will candidate and public get same redress as similar fraud case?

Update 07/03/2012: Candidate files to get on ballot  <read>


A primary candidate got all the necessary petition signatures, but the registrar issued incorrect forms. New Haven Register: Goof sinks primary in 116th District serving West Haven, New Haven <read>

A mistake could cost a state representative hopeful his chance to get on the ballot, as the Democratic registrar of voters reportedly gave him the wrong paperwork to petition for a primary. The registrar, Michelle Hufcut, meanwhile, has withdrawn her candidacy in a primary for the Democratic registrar job, citing health reasons. David C. Forsyth, who is hoping to be the Democratic candidate for state representative in the 116th District, officially learned Thursday that he should have used petition forms from the secretary of the state’s office. Forsyth needed to collect signatures to bring an August primary against state Rep. Lou Esposito of West Haven, the party-endorsed candidate…

Prior to this year, 116th District candidates could use petition forms from the city registrar because the district was limited to part of West Haven. However, following the state’s redistricting earlier this year, the district now includes parts of New Haven, and candidates running for multitown districts must use petition papers from the secretary of the state office, according to Av Harris, spokesman for the office…

“The petitions … are not going to be able to get him on the ballot because they were invalidly issued by the registrar. … This is a pretty black-and-white issue because it’s a matter of state statute,” said Harris Forsyth said his lawyer has been in contact with the state and will help him in court.

We believe that the law should be followed, but in cases like this courts should normally rule in favor of candidates that do their part in complying with the law and clearly have the support required. Last year in similar circumstances, with allegations of fraud and a clear conflict of interest a court ruled in favor of the candidate: Bridgeport: Judge rules for primary challenge, delays primary two weeks


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