Registrars Say, Optical Scanners Provide Opportunity for Savings

Glastonbury, CT will save by consolidating polling places <read>

Not only does the new optical scanning voting equipment make a trip to the polling place faster, it will also help the registrars of voters save money as the town moves from eight polling places to six in November.

The town council recently approved the plan by Democratic Registrar Zelda Lessne and Republican Registrar Mary Foley and will remove Glastonbury High School and Eastbury Elementary School as polling places. The changes mean that polling places are changing for voters in districts 2, 6 and 8…

Lessne said the move will reduce election costs by approximately 25 percent and affect about 3,600 households, or 6,000 voters. Based on an average turnout for a municipal election, that’s 1,260 households or 2,100 voters, approximately 10 percent of the total number of registered voters in town. The town spends about $25,000 on each election.

“It makes a lot of sense, especially in these tough economic times,” Lessne said Monday. “We can hire less people, moving expenses are cheaper, we don’t have to feed as many people. There’s savings all the way down the line. In this economy we need to pinch every penny we can.”

As a Glastonbury resident, this change makes sense to me.  Unlike some large population cities where many voters can walk to the polling place, Glastonbury covers a very large area, the vast majority of voters must drive to their polling place, just as most students ride to school on a bus.


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