Rep. Spallone drops out – Endorses Merrill for Secretary of the State

CTNewsJunkie has the story: Spallone Steps Aside, Endorses Merrill <read>

Deciding this was not the right time to run for statewide office, Spallone said he concluded that he cannot devote his full attention to repairing the state‘s fledgling campaign finance law, his duties as co-chairman of the General Administration and Elections Committee, and his district, while running a statewide campaign.

“I also have a law practice and, most importantly, two very young children at home. This is simply not the right time for me to wage a statewide campaign,” Spallone said in an emailed statement.

In that same statement he endorsed Merrill.

“Denise’s commitment to good government and expanding our democracy predates her service in the legislature,“ Spallone said. “Denise has helped me countless times with my work on government and electoral reform, and she is committed to restoring civility to our political discourse and engaging the next generation of voters.“

Spallone Steps Aside, Endorses Merrill


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