CT: Secretary Bysiewicz Expresses Staunch Support Of Audits

Greenwich Time, Once again, town faces election audit: <read>

Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, a staunch advocate for the hand counting of ballots, said that she would oppose any measures to weaken the state’s auditing requirements, which she called the toughest in the nation.

“Auditing the election results is critical,” Bysiewicz said. “It is important to guarantee the integrity of our elections. We don’t just take the machine’s word for the vote tally.”

We appreciate the Secretary’s support of post-election audits and that she is staunchly opposed to weakening them. We also share the goal that Connecticut’s law be the “toughest in the Nation”. Our enthusiasm is tempered by our observations and conclusions that our audits are not the toughest and are, in any case by several measures, inadequate to provide confidence.


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