Secretary Bysiewicz Responds To CTVotersCount Petition

About three weeks ago we delivered the CTVotersCount petition to the Government Administration and Elections Committee and to Secretary of the State, Susan Bysiewicz. Secretary Bysiewicz sent a letter in response to the petition to each signer <letter> <petition>

Special thanks to each Connecticut voter who signed the petition. Your support will substantially contribute to the effort to provide voting integrity.

We extend our appreciation to the Secretary for taking the time to respond to each of you:

I am very grateful for your time and dedication, and I expect that you will have a continuing significant role as we refine our election process. We still have a lot of work to do and we need concerned citizens like you to stay involved. Thank you for your efforts.

At CTVotersCount we do not take lightly the role of representing your interests in election integrity and confidence.

We also appreciate the Secretary’s commitment that our audit law be the strongest in the nation, along with her articulation of the value of and testimony in support of an Independent Audit Board.

I recommend reading the entire letter. <letter>


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